The Conformetal 2, Lda initiated a series of investments to focus on differentiating the company.

For this, Conformetal2 made a candidacy under notice nº. 04/SI/2012 within SI QPME of QREN. This candidacy provides for investments in:

  • Development and Services / Marketing engineering: improving their capabilities by establishing laboratory capacity
  • Organization and information management and communication technologies: strengthen their management capacities and in this sense, will initiate the introduction of new information technologies
Quality: investing in the CE certification

Investments related to soundproofing equipment in order to reduce noise.

Digital Economy:

Improve your business model including through dematerialized business processes with customers and suppliers, and creating a multilingual website that will provide a platform for integration company in the Digital Economy.

Sales and Marketing:

Taking care of the marketing mix of the company, as well as aspects of their corporate image.


Increase presence in international markets and focus on the promotion of the brands that will create.

The candidacy submitted is approved, having been assigned with the nº 25987.

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